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Join Captain Josh Rose, a born and raised Ketchikan, Alaska fisherman and experience the heart pounding excitement of hooking into a wild Alaskan salmon or enjoy the thrill of catching an Alaskan halibut.

Locally owned and operated, Salty Sea Charters has everything you are looking for in an authentic Ketchikan, Alaska fishing charter!

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Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska

Located in beautiful Southeast Alaska, Ketchikan is one of the most pristine fishing destinations in the world and boasts some of the finest salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska. Ketchikan is known as the "Salmon Capitol of the World" with tales of epic salmon runs so thick you could walk across their backs and fishing so good it could be called “catching.” Fishermen have been drawn from all over the world to it's rich waters with the hopes of experiencing a truly unique Alaskan fishing adventure. Whether chasing feisty salmon or hunting for Alaskan halibut, on a Ketchikan fishing charter, when the fish are biting it is common to have multiple hookups of wild, acrobatic fish, putting even the most experienced angler's skills to the test! As a third generation Ketchikan, Alaskan fisherman, Captain Josh Rose is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of providing one of a kind Alaskan fishing experiences.  


Fishing in Ketchikan, Alaska with Salty Sea Charters is much more than a fishing excursion. Seeing Alaska from its pristine waters allows you the unforgettable experience to appreciate the beauty of the Last Frontier firsthand. With its snowcapped mountains, majestic fjords, and lush forests southeast Alaska can feel like a step back in time. This temperate rain forest is home to an abundance of wildlife both on land and in the sea. The excitement of seeing bald eagles, whales, and seals in their natural environment will be etched in your memory forever. We understand that for many of our clients this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We never take this lightly and it is our goal to keep you safe, have fun and most importantly, catch fish!

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Ketchikan Fishing Charter Options

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 Ketchikan Salmon & Halibut Fishing!

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